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and accounting, marketing or european languages

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As industry and commerce have increased their use of modern technology, including telecommunications and computing, the demand for adaptable problem solvers with knowledge both of organisations and of information technology has grown. Business information technologists are those hybrid managers who can combine their understanding of the business function with a knowledge of the concepts and techniques associated with applications of Information Technology (IT). These courses are ideal for those students attracted to a career where they can apply an up-to-date awareness of IT within the modern business environment.

The courses aim to produce graduates with a sound background in the concepts, applications and techniques associated with IT, along with specialised knowledge of a chosen business function, Mulitmedia, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management or European languages. A holistic approach considering integration within the environment is adopted throughout the degree and students will learn to work effectively as part of a team and to communicate their ideas in various ways.

Graduates of these courses will be well qualified to contribute to the identification, introduction and management of IT. Flexibility is a central feature and subject options allow various routes to a Business Information Technology (BIT) degree. An important feature of the teaching is the use of integrative practical studies examining the applications of business IT.

Course Contents

Year 1

An introduction to the fundamental topics associated with BIT. Specialised streams in Accounting, Marketing, Multimedia, Management, Human Resource Management provide the business foundation, while technological and organisational aspects of business information technology are introduced through courses in Information Systems and Information Technology.

Year 2

Courses develop to provide a more detailed examination of subjects vital to the business information technologist. Courses in Organisational Analysis and Business Systems Selection focus on the techniques and products essential in a modern business organisation. Important principles associated with the development and implementation of BIT systems are studied in courses in Introduction to Databases and Systems Analysis and Design. Students deepen their specialised knowledge of either Accounting, Marketing, Multimedia, Management, Human Resource Management or Languages. In all cases, the stream of options studied is continued to Year 4 and, where Honours is taken, Year 5.

Year 3

Industrial Training

Students spend this year in paid employment in industry or commerce gaining practical experience relevant to their studies. As an optional part of the course, students should find the placement beneficial when seeking employment on graduating. Links with a number of overseas institutions exist and there may be opportunities for overseas placements for those who wish them.

Year 4

In the degree year students continue studying the core modules of BABIT - Business Data Communications, Organisational Problem Solving, Business Database Systems and Groupware and Multimedia. Further modules appropriate to their chosen stream add to the portfolio for the year.

Year 5 (Honours)

In the honours year students continue studying a selection of IT/IS modules further modules appropriate to their chosen stream. All students undertake a major individual project.

Professional Exemptions

At the time of writing the Business Information Technology course is being considered for professional accreditation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland and by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Contact Corporate Communications for further information.

Career Prospects

Graduates are likely to find employment with any organisation that uses information technology but would not be competing for the same employment opportunities as graduates from more specialised degree courses. The more broadly based nature of the BA Business Information Technology is aimed at producing graduates who are able to make an effective contribution to the integration of IT within an industrial or commercial context. Employers of recent graduates have included Rank Xerox, Price Waterhouse and Scottish Enterprise.

All large and, increasingly small, companies and organisations are employers of IT staff and the range of possible careers is vast. Opportunities exist in almost every sector of business from general administration to production control and from marketing to financial control.

Summary Box

BA (sandwich) 4 years
BA Hons (sandwich) 5 years

Business information technology and accounting.

Business information technology and marketing.

Business information technology and Management

Business information technology and Human resource Management

Business information technology and Multimedia

Business information technology and european languages.

Competitive Entry BBBB at Higher Grade including Mathematics at Higher Grade. Applicants for the European Language option should hold a Higher Grade pass in a language subject.


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