The overall intention of this website is to facilitate discussion, ideas and general thoughts within the software development community about the learning theory of reflective practices in general and their applicability towards the field of Software Development. The focal points of discussion will primarily concentrate upon how reflective practices based on the concept of the Learning Organisation may enhance the understanding of key organisational issues impacting the progress of software development projects.

The objective of how to engender reflective practices and the concept of the learning organisation within the software development community, especially within company settings, is a challenging prospect. One way in which it is hoped that these objectives may be achieved is through the use of e-learning via social software. For instance, it has been observed that organisational blogs or wikis may have the ability to facilitate reflective practices & organisational learning via “thinking by writing” (Hall and Davidson, 2007). Blogs and wikis could also have the potential to facilitate collaborative learning on projects through the use of content and document sharing.