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Computing and Information Systems offers an opportunity for the development of novel approaches, and the reinterpretation and further development of traditional methodologies taking into account the rate of change in computing technology, and its usage and impact in organisations.

Computing and Information Systems welcomes articles and short communications in a range of disciplines:

Articles for publication should be submitted on disk or via e-mail, in Microsoft Word for Windows format. A style template can be found here  Please observe the following guidelines:

1. The Normal paragraph style is Times New Roman 11 point, justified, with 6 pt space before. Avoid inserting extra empty paragraphs. Avoid the use of additional spaces between words or after a full stop. Use full stops after initials and precede subsequent initials by a space. Use the standard heading styles Heading 1, Heading 2 etc for top-level and subsidiary headings within the article.

2. Compose figures in an enclosing invisible frame or rectangle, with captions and any text on the figure provided in embedded textboxes, and all including the enclosing rectangle grouped into one object, defined to have "Top and Bottom" text wrapping. Try to avoid using anything based on the Normal paragraph style in embedded text boxes.

3. Equations should be embedded in the text, possibly as paragraphs in their own right. They should not be treated as figures.

4. All entries in the reference section should be cited in the text. List references at the end of the paper, alphabetically by the first letter of the first author’s last name. References should be identified in the text of the paper by typing the corresponding name and year in parentheses: letters a, b, etc can be added to the year if several references by the same author for the same year are cited. If a page number is set it should be set as (author, year, page number). DO NOT NUMBER REFERENCES, they must be alphabetical and unnumbered. References should have a half-inch hanging indent and with italics etc as shown below and there should be no additional lines between references. Book titles and names of journals should be printed in italics, not underlined. Examples:

Author, A., Colleague, C. and Friend, F. (1995a), “Title of paper”, Journal, 3 (1): 25-50.

Author, A. and Student, S. (1995b), “Another paper”, in Title of Book or Conference, (E. Editor, ed.), XYZ Press, Place of Publication: 451-457.

Author, A. (1995c), Title of Book, XYZ Press, Place of Publication.

Arrangements for submission in LATEX format will be made soon.

The editorial address is :

Dr Abel Usoro
School of Computing,
University of the West of Scotland,
High Street,

Tel: 0141 848 3959
Fax: 0141 848 3542

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