Index of Volume 11

Issue 1: (February 2007) (Download Zip File 715K)

  1. Wesam Barbakh: The Family of Inverse Exponential K-means Algorithms
  2. Oghenevwogaga Adogbeji, J. E. Onohwakpor, Anie Syvester: Software selection and acquisition in Nigerian University and Special Libraries-  The Way Forward
  3. John Sutherland, Thomas Connolly, Daniel Livingstone: How Can We Build Successful 3D Games For Learning
  4. Ying Wu: Independent Component Analysis using Reinforcement Learning

  • Issue 2: (May 2007) (Download Zip File 858K)
    1. Robertas Damasevicius : Analysis of Software Library Components for Similarity using Multi-dimensional Scaling
    2. Wesam Barbakh, Colin Fyfe: Inverse Weighted Clustering Algorithm
    3. Junkang Feng, Yang Wang: A Measurable Condition for Efficacy and Efficiency of Representation- An ‘Information Carrying’ Approach
    4. Cherry Amir, Amr Badr, Ibrahim Farag: A Fuzzy Logic Controller for Ant Algorithms
    5. Khurram Shahzad: Version-Manager- For vital simulating advantages in data warehouse
    6. Mohamed Korayem, Amr Badr, Ibrahim Farag: Optimizing Hidden Markov models using Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Immune Systems
  • Issue 3: (October 2007) (Download Zip File 383K)
    1. Wesam Barbakh:Similarity Graphs
    2. Hassan Abou Nasser, Gamal Selim, Amr Badr: A Fuzzy-Immune Algorithm for Autonomous Robot Navigation
    3. Abel Usoro and Abbas Abid: Delivering quality higher education through e-learning: a conceptual view
    4. Benoit Chaperot and Colin Fyfe: Novel aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Physics applied to a Motocross Game

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