Index of Volume 12

Issue 1: (February 2008) (Download Zip File 1.4MB)

  • Colin Fyfe: Crossentropy for the N persons Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
  • Robertas Damaševičius: E-curves: a method for Visualizing and Analyzing Software Evolution
  • Malcolm Crowe: Figures: a diagram editor
  • Issue 2: (June 2008) (Download Zip File 269KB)

  • Moataz Samy, Amr Badr, Salwa El Gamal: An Immunological Approach to Computer Viruses Detection
  • Grzegorz Majewski, Abel Usoro: Trust and Risk as critical factors of Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Communities of Practice: a Conceptual View
  • Josephine Onohwakpor, Tracy Efe: A Survey of Teacher's Level of Computer Literacy and Awareness of Information and Communication Technology for Application of  Science, Technology and Mathematics Education
  • Guilan Shen, Junkang Feng, Kaibo Xu: Identification of Essential Risk Factors in Software projects by using an "Information Content" Based Reasoning Approach
  • Issue 3: (October 2008)(Download Zip File 1MB)

  • Shuang Zhu, Junkang Feng: using an Ontology to Help Reason About the Information Content of Data
  • Seun Shoyelu, Abel Usoro: The Applicability of Task-Technology Fit and Technology Acceptance Models to e-Tourism
  • Abel Usoro, Bridget Abiagam: Operationalisation of quality constructs for e-learning at higher education
  • Ying Liang: A Dialogue Act Modelling Approach to Web-based System Modelling

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