ISSN 1461-6122

  1. M. A. Girolami
    An Alternative Perspective on Adaptive Independent Component Analysis Algorithms 
    (January 1998) (Download Zip file 141K)

  2. D. G. Smith, J. G. Manwell, P. Tucker
    Schema Rejection and Efficient Inference in Bayesian Networks
    (April 1999) (Download Zip file 155K)
  3. M. A. Girolami 
    Kernel Based Clustering and Visualisation in Feature Space
    (January 2000) (Download Zip file 211K)
  4. R. Rosipal, M. A. Girolami, L. J. Trejo
    Kernel PCA for Feature Extraction and De-Noising in Non-linear Regression
    (February 2000) (Download Zip file 208K)
  5. A. Vinokourov, M. A. Girolami
    A Probabilistic Hierarchical Clustering Method for Organising Collections of Text Documents
    (March 2000) (Download Zip file 318K)
  6. A. Kabán, M. A. Girolami
    A Combined Latent Class and Trait Model for the Analysis and Visualization of Discrete Data
    (April 2000) (Download Zip file 1.27M)
  7. Pei Ling LAI
    Neural Implementations of Canonical Correlation Analysis
    (June 2000, submitted March 2000)(Download Zip file 3.3M)
  8. Mark Girolami
    A Variational Method for Learning Sparse and Overcomplete Representations
    (July 2000)(Download Zip file 382K)
  9. Daniel Jack Livingstone
    Neutral Evolution and Linguistic Diversity
    (August 2000)(Download Zip file 51K)
  10. Ata Kaban, Mark Girolami
    Unsupervised Topic Separation and Keyword Identification in Document Collections: A Projection Approach
    (August 2000)(Download Zip File 240K)
  11. Dymitr Ruta, Bogdan Gabrys
    A theoretical analysis of the limits of majority voting errors for multiple classifier systems
    (December 2000)(Download Zip File 1.7M)

  12. Roman Rosipal, Leonard J. Trejo, and
    Andrzej Cichocki
    Kernel Principal Component Regression with EM Approach to Nonlinear Principal Components Extraction
    (December 2000)(Download Zip File 411K)

  13. Roman Rosipal, Mark Girolami,
    and Leonard J. Trejo

    On Kernel Principal Component Regression with Covariance Inflation Criterion for Model Selection
    (March 2001)(Download Zip File 175KB)

  14. Roman Rosipal and Leonard J. Trejo
    Kernel Partial Least Squares Regression in RKHS: Theory and Empirical Comparison
    (March 2001)(Download Zip File 361KB)

  15. Ata Kabán and Mark Girolami
    Topographic Visualisation of State Evolution in Temporally Coherent Data
    (April 2001)(Download Zip File 437 KB)

  16. Mark Girolami
    Orthogonal Series Density Estimation and the Kernel Eigenvalue Problem
    (May 2001)(Download Zip File pdf format 1.95MB)
      (Download Zip file ps format 679 KB)

  17. Bogdan Gabrys
    Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to Processing Inputs with Missing Values in Pattern Recognition Problems
    (October 2001)(Download Zip File 290KB)

  18. Ata Kaban, Peter Tino, Mark Girolami
    Local Geometric Properties of the Latent Trait Projection Manifolds
    (November 2001)(Download Zip File 305 KB)

  19. Dymitr Ruta, Bogdan Gabrys
    Set Analysis of Coincident Errors and Its Applications for Combining Classifiers
    (February 2002)(Download Zip File 225 KB)

  20. Mark Girolami, Chao He
    Probability Density Estimation from Optimally Condensed Data Samples
    (August 2002)(Download Zip File 301 KB)

  21. Alexey Rasskazov
    On the distance between the axes of elliptic elements generating a free group
    (October 2002)(Download Zip File 177 KB)

  22. Alexander Mednykh, Alexey Rasskazov
    Volumes and degeneration of cone-structures on the figure-eight knot
    (December 2002)(Download Zip file 320KB)

  23. Alexey Rasskazov
    One approach to log-likelihood maximization
    (June 2003)(Download Zip file 272KB)

  24. Chao He, Mark Girolami, Gary Ross
    Employing Optimized Combinations of One-Class Classifiers for Automated Currency Validation
    (July 2003)(Download zip file 227KB)

  25. Mark Girolami, Ata Kabán
    Sequential Activity Profiling: Latent Dirichlet Allocation of Markov Chains
    (July 2003)(Download zip file 145KB)

  26. Alexey Rasskazov
    The classification problem in conditions of predefined knowledge about data structure
    (December 2003)(Download zip file 437KB)

  27. Leif Azzopardi
    An Investigation into the Utility of the Probabilistic Interpretation to the Hyper Analogue to Language (HAL) Space
    (September 2004)(Download zip file 212KB)

  28. Junkang Feng
    Conditions for Information  Bearing Capability
    (April 2005)(Download zip file 18KB)

  29. Yang Wang, Junkang Feng
    Verifying Information Content Containment of Data Schemata by Using Channel Theory within the Organisational Semiotics Framework
    (April 2005)(Download zip file 44KB)

  30. César García-Osorio
    Data Mining and Visualization
    (May 2005)(Download Zip file 28MB)

  31. Colin Fyfe
    Two Topographic Maps for Data Visualisation
    (May 2005)(Download Zip file 1.8MB)

  32. Nicolás García-Pedrajas, Colin Fyfe
    Evolving output codes for multiclass problems in pattern recognition
    (June 2005)(Download Zip file 155KB)

  33. Colin Fyfe
    Making the Generative Topographic Mapping more responsive to the data
    (July 2005)(Download Zip file 180KB)

  34. Daniel Jack Livingstone
    Turing's Test and Believable A.I.
    (November 2005)(Download Zip File 28KB)

  35. Marian Peña, Colin Fyfe
    The Harmonic Topographic Map
    (November 2005)(Download Zip File 1.4MB)

  36. Colin Fyfe
    Stochastic Process Methods for Context-Assisted Information Extraction
    (April 2006)(Download Zip File 384KB)

  37. Colin Fyfe
    Reinforcement Learning for Unsupervised Data Exploration
    (December 2006)(Download Zip File 2.44MB)

  38. Malcolm Crowe
    The Pyrrho Database Management System v1.3
    (January 2007)(Download Word Document 2.4MB)

  39. Malcolm Crowe
    An Introduction to the Source Code of the Pyrrho DBMS
    (January 2007)(Download Word Document 800KB)

  40. Wesam Barbakh, Colin Fyfe
    Tailoring Local and Global Interactions in Clustering Algorithms
    (March 2007)(Download Zip file 508KB)

  41. Marián Peña
    Latent Variable Spaces For The Construction Of Topology Preserving Mappings
    (June 2007)(Download Zip file 5.8MB)

  42. Kaibo Xu, Junkang Feng, Malcolm Crowe
    A Prototype for Exploring how Information Content of a Database may be Reasoned about
    (December 2007)(Download Zip file 420KB)

  43. Wesam Barbakh
    Local versus Global Interactions in Clustering Algorithms
    (March 2008)(Download Zip file 1.5MB)

  44. Ying Wu
    Non-standard adaptation of linear projections for exploratory data analysis
    (March 2008)(Download Zip file 2.7MB)

  45. Gayle Leen
    Context assisted information extraction
    (April 2008)(Download Zip file 2.2MB)

  46. Colin Fyfe
    Data Visualization using Bregman divergences
    (November 2008)(Download Zip file 340KB)

  47. Yang Wang (supervised by Junkang Feng)
    An Information Flow Framework of Representation and its Application for Semantic Integration
    (November 2008)(Download Zip file 1.5MB)


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