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43. Wesam Barbakh
Local versus Global Interactions in Clustering Algorithms
(March 2008)(Download Zip file 1.5MB)

44. Ying Wu
Non-standard adaptation of linear projections for exploratory data analysis
(March 2008)(Download Zip file 2.7MB)

45. Gayle Leen
Context assisted information extraction
(April 2008)(Download Zip file 2.2MB)

46. Colin Fyfe
Data Visualization using Bregman divergences
(November 2008)(Download Zip file 340KB)

47. Yang Wang (supervised by Junkang Feng)
An Information Flow Framework of Representation and its Application for Semantic Integration
(November 2008)(Download Zip file 1.5MB)

48. Peter Bloomfield
VLE and MUVE Integration: Exploratory Survey Data Summary
(July 2009)(Download Zip file 500KB)

49. Jigang Sun, Colin Fyfe
Extending metric multidimensional scaling with Bregman divergences
(September 2009)(Download Zip file 972KB)

50. Daniel Livingstone (ed.)
Online Learning in Virtual Environments with SLOODLE
(December 2009)(Download Zip file 2.47MB)

51. Jigang Sun
Extending metric multidimensional scaling with Bregman divergences
(August 2011) (Download Zip file 7MB)

52. Jigang Sun, Malcolm Crowe, Colin Fyfe
Exponential Curvilinear Components Analysis and Bregman divergence
(January 2012) (Download Zip file 4MB)

53. Jigang Sun, Malcolm Crowe, Colin Fyfe
Incorporating Visualisation Quality Measures to Curvilinear Components Analysis
(August 2012) (Download Zip file 6MB)

54. Jigang Sun, Colin Fyfe, Malcolm Crowe
Improvements to rank-based visualisation quality assessment criteria
(February 2013) (Download Zip file 5.4MB)

55. Kamil Lenart
Efficient Management of Cloud Data within Mobile Browsers
(October 2016) (Download Zip file 4MB)

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